Since 1985, we have been producing high-quality meals based on raw materials in food-grade quality. We pay special attention to the selection, processing and quality of the ingredients we use.

Our products are a good and well-balanced nutrition for our beloved pets. Because of the gentle processing of the high-quality ingredients and the use of the latest technologies, we offer our customers premium quality with the cachet “Made in Austria”. Our product range comprises dog and cat meals in tins as well as top-quality sausage snacks. Together with our customers we develop tailor-made products.


Gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden entwickeln wir maßgeschneiderte Produkte - sozusagen "tailor-made".


Culinary pleasure for our four-legged friends – Our strengths in a nutshell

  • Specialised in the development and production of high-end pet food
  • Customised products
  • Preparation with reduced water content
  • Professional access to a wide range of ingredients
  • Preparation without additives
  • Production in organic quality is also possible
  • Gentle, sensory and optimal preparation
  • Complete transparency in the production: It contains what’s printed on the package.
  • Exclusive collaboration with well-known brand manufacturers

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