Depending on the customer’s requirements, we develop customised recipes. Regardless whether it is a young, adult or senior cat, each life stage has specific requirements concerning nutrients and thus requires appropriate food. Due to our years of experience and our flexible production, you can choose from a wide variety of products. From soft pâtés and textures with chunks to visible filets – we are able to meet almost every requirement.

Depending on the desired ingredients, the meals can also be prepared in organic quality.


There are numerous combination possibilities in the area of conventional wet food. Our range of raw materials consisting of meat or fish components, vegetables, fruit as well as cereals, high-quality oils, herbs, vitamins and mineral nutrients, facilitates the individual compositions of meals according to the customer’s requirements.

Combination possibilities

  • Cat meal pure fish with safflower oil and parsley
  • Cat meal veal and turkey with linseed oil and catnip 
  • Cat meal with poultry, carrots, and rice
  • Cat meal with chicken, tomatoes, ricotta, olive oil, and oregano


Veterinarians often recommend dietetic feed as an aid for cats with food intolerances, overweight, or problems with the joints, the kidneys, the urinary tract, the liver as well as with skin and fur.

In these products one ingredient, such as protein, phosphor, or sodium is reduced. In return, it usually contains more fibres and crude fibres as well as all important vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Combination possibilities

  • Low protein duck with pumpkin, mineral nutrients, inulin, and salmon oil
  • Low mineral rabbit with courgette, mineral nutrients, inulin, and salmon oil


Our 21 g cups make the hearts of cats beat faster. No matter if it is intended as a small snack in between or as a treat. The small reward snacks perfectly suit every occasion. Refined with well-known superfoods they are also very healthy. What’s also quite special, is the possibility of a very emotional feeding. As the snack is filled into 21 g cups, it can be licked directly out of the owners hands, because with this packaging there is no risk of injury.

Combination possibilities:

  • Turkey pâté with chicken hearts, poultry skin, and mineral nutrients
  • Rabbit pâté with corn, sunflower oil, and mineral nutrients
  • Horse pâté with sunflower oil, amaranth, and mineral nutrients

Combination possibilities:

  • Snack with chicken meat, raspberries, and hempseeds
  • Snack with duck meat, mango, and linseeds
  • Snack with pork liver, vegetable by-products, oils, and fats


Tin sizes:

  • Aluminium cup 21 g
  • 80 g (direct printed tin)
  • 100 g, 150 g, 200 g, 300 g, 400 g, 800 g


  • Peel-off labels: printable on three sides / ideal, when many languages are printed
  • Labels printed on two sides:
  • Structure paper
  • Gold blocking
  • UV-varnished labels


  • Tray of 6, 12 or 24 (depending on the grammage)
  • Neutral: white or brown
  • Printed tray
  • Punching possible in the front


  • If needed, we can also prepare multipacks for you.
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